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There’s more than a great wine inside a bottle of Bodegas Otero. It’s the result of over a century of wine growers and producers who have grown vines with great determination in order to elaborate, with their own particular style, the unique wines of the Valles de Benavente.

The work philosophy and adaptation to changes of the winemaking market have always been present throughout our over 100 years of history. Since Mr. Juan Otero began his underground winery and opened a small shop back in 1906 until Julio Otero appeared in 1984, without disregarding Mr. Manuel Otero, who developed a great expansion in 1951 by including the most pioneer techniques of the time, the winery has always combined tradition and innovation thanks to the passion, efforts and adaptation of three generations of wine producers.


After Mr. Julio Otero joined the winery after finishing his education in Wine Studies and Economics, he began focusing on the production of internationally recognized quality wines thanks to the Otero brand’s expansion outside our borders.

Otero Winery’s history is made up of love for our land and care for every detail of the elaboration process. This is what makes our wines so special, unique and full of history and tradition.


Thanks to the same effort and determination used to make our wines, we’ve been able to establish ourselves in the main international markets. We currently export our products to over 10 different countries: Germany, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Ireland, UK, USA, Japan, China and Russia.

Project financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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2. viñedo



Our vineyard Pago de Valleoscuro is very close to Benavente. Throughout its 65 rocky hectares we grow four types of grapes: Prieto Picudo, Tempranillo, Mencía and Verdejo. We use them to make our red and white wines, both young, vintage and special reserve.

Being our main variety Prieto Picudo, at Bodegas Otero we’ve always opted for all types of rosés. They’re internationally renowned and thanks to which we carry the name of Valles de Benavente all around the world.

Prieto Picudo

Our hallmark comes from our native variety of grapes: Prieto Picudo. We’ve defended and maintained this grape variety throughout many years and elaborations in Valles de Benavente. They can be easily distinguished by its oval-shaped grapes with a bluish black color that come in tight bunches. Although there are other varieties much easier to grow, Prieto Picudo provides us with unique wines, both rosés and red, with wild fruit aromas and floral notes.

Faithful to our philosophy of love for our environment and to maintaining a production of traditional character, all our wines are made with our own grapes or from local wine growers.

Faithful to our philosophy of love for our environment and tomaintaining a production of traditional character, all our wines are made with our own grapes or from local wine growers.

3. nuestros vinos

Our wines

Valle Oscuro Verdejo Bodegas Otero



Young white wine
Valleoscuro Rosado Prieto & Picudo Bodegas Otero



P.Picudo & Tempranillo
Valleoscuro Tempranillo Bodegas Otero



Young rosé
Valleoscuro Rosado Prieto Picudo Bodegas Otero


Prieto Picudo

Young rosé
Valleoscuro Tinto Bodegas Otero



P.Picudo & Tempranillo
Otero Mencía 2018 Bodegas Otero


Crianza 2018

Otero Crianza 2017 Bodegas Otero


Crianza 2017

Prieto Picudo
Otero Reserva 2014 Bodegas Otero


Reserva 2014

Prieto Picudo
Impacto Rosado Dulce Bodegas Otero


Rosado Dulce

Temp., P.Picudo y Verdejo
Impacto Blanco Dulce Bodegas Otero


Blanco Dulce

Verdejo 100%
El Cubeto 113 Bodegas Otero

El Cubeto 113

Reserva de la Familia Otero

Blanco Generoso Viejo
El Cubeto 115 Bodegas Otero

El Cubeto 115

Reserva de la Familia Otero

Blanco Generoso Viejo
4. premios


The best award we can receive is having our clients congratulate us year after year and enjoying our best wines just as much as we enjoy making them. Our wines have received international recognition throughout the years without ever losing sight of our spirit.

5. proyectos personalizados

Personalized projects

Special wines for special occasions.
Are you hosting an event and want to surprise your guests?

Living history of the
Benavente valleys
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Visit our winery

Enjoy the experience of visiting a winery that has over 100 years of history.

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Bodegas Otero S.A

Bodegas Otero S.A.
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49600 BENAVENTE (Zamora, Spain)
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